My Aquabot DIY experience plus files / Videos I have found fixing up my robots. Been a Aquabot user since 2000 when I bought first one at Costco. It is my favorite and best investment for pool care. I like to keep it running on my own when I can. When it is out of warranty, DIY makes sense if you can do it. Some fixes require more knowledge and should be left to the experts. I will try to cover the simple ones best I can.

Here are a few simple repairs I found on a website (Aqua Service Distributors) that showed a few pictures.

Install Drive Tracks

Install Filter Bag

Install Side Plate

Install side plate bushings

Install wheel tube Assembly

Here is a trouble shooting website with a wealth of information (Aquabots.com) which created the link Basic troubleshooting of the Aquabot drive system


Links & Videos for your review

Aquabot Solo Manual


Aquabot Service Centers

Aquabot SP Emerald 300 APP Catalog


Working Robots for sale

Aquabot solo conversion to Classic on ebay / Video - Converted the Solo to a classic by removing the jet (still active) and changing the sideplates, belts, rollers, roller covers, and tracks. I did not have the remote so I decided just to make it a wall climber. That's what I like about the Aquabot classic. Cleans bottom and walls.